First step to square O

Well…here we go.
Hmm..this is my first post, as you can tell. (^.^)
I’ll be your 1/3 of a host for this blog… Tihi, get it? 3 people, 1/3?
Let me introduce myself and tell you a tiny bit about myself.
I’m a 19 years old girl who lived(I would say still do) a somewhat more tragic life… but I do manage to spice up my life with a little goodness with the presence of my friends(who also are my second family), music,dance and BIGBANG. The meaning behind the word “BIGBANG” requires it’s own post so that’ll stay as a mystery for now.

In real life,I have many different nicknames,but those will be revealed later too.
In this blog, however, I’ll go by one yet give you one bonus name too: my future name.
You’ll therefore know me as O.

That’s it for now, I’ll post news about my life and whatnot as soon as possible again.

Btw. The bonus name that I’ll be known as in the future is T.M.O : remember that one.

Stay tuned for more posts and pics.
Ps. Don’t forget to read the posts of my lovely E and S ❤
Peace is international ❤
C U/


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