Hold up with the squares, it’s celebration time!

Hi guys, O in the building.

I haven’t posted anything in two days( I know, shame on me. Bad, bad girl) but I have a valid reason. I was preparing for our religious celebration: Eid. Since we fasted for an entire month, it’s time to celebrate, visit friends and family, eat yummy food and lots of candy. Well.. This is usually the case. But since my parents are divorced ( I think that sucks, to some extend), I had to be the “host” at dad’s place; let’s face it, the man can’t cook. ^^



Moving on from that, I’ve been kind of sad even though I’m trying not to be. You see, there has been a rumor going around online that a member of BIGBANG( the lead rapper, T.O.P) has a slip disk in his neck and knowing what horrible things that can lead to: I freaked out.

But then it hit me: when T.O.P hurt his hand during the making of his latest movie Alumni, his manager and YG himself ( the boss of the company he is signed to) was so fast with confirming the rumors, giving information about his state and whatnot, yet now nothing has been said. Hm…
Therefore I told myself that until YG cleared everything out: it’s all bulls**t.
Also, since I know that Gdragon flew to London yesterday to film his comeback, I’m doubting the rumors even more. I know how much Gdragon( the leader of the group) loves and protects his members, so I highly doubt he would fly to London if T.O.P’s condition was severe.
I have to think that way, for them.



T.O.P, stay strong. #prayfortop #getwellsoontop





On the less depressing and sad part I’m gonna meet S and E tomorrow/Today(yeeeeeeey) 😀

You see, S is leaving for a few weeks so we’re gonna spend some time together and then say goodbye..
Damn it this is sad and depressing too -.-

Well..it’s 02.11 am so I’m gonna try to sleep now.
I’ll C U guys soon.
Peace is International ❤
O is out.



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