O, the happy bunny ( not yet on the second square)

Hi guys, O in the building.
I hope you’re doing well, I certainly am a happy bunny.
Remember how I told you I wouldn’t believe any of the rumors about T.O.P being hospitalized until it got confirmed? Well guess who turned out to be a clever chica! That’s right: This Girl!!!!
I found the picture of him attending the actor Lee Byung Hun’s wedding today and his sexy ass was fiiiine! I got so happy I started jumping up and down smiling like an idiot. 😀


Anyhow,E is coming home tomorrow, so you’ll be hearing from her soon enough. I know you’ve missed her; I know I do!
S is doing that intense-military-thingy-that-keeps-her-away-from-me thingy. She’s happy but I miss her, so it’s good but it sucks at the same time. She promised to text me every night before going to sleep, telling me how the day was and wishing me goodnight, so I’m waiting for her to text me.

Moving on,I’m also super excited because tomorrow, my friends, I am going to record my song, and start shooting the MV on Moday. I.AM.SO.FREAKING.NERVOUS!

That’s it from me, C U guys soon.
Peace is international ❤
O is out!


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