Three, the magical number

Hi guys, O in the building.
Things are changing, developing, upgrading… really fast.
A lot of people seem to be counting down from number 3 today. 3, the magical number.
Some for school, some for other stuff. Me? Well, you’ll see.

I haven’t been posting much for a week, I know; I’m shameless, but I had my reasons and I will tell you all about it after this thursday.

I miss S so much that I sometimes feel like hiding in a closet and cry endlessly. I’m usually not this attached but now is one of those moments when you need your loved ones around you. Thank god for E, what would have done without her?

The day after the magical number, I will definately start posting news more or less EVERY DAMN DAY only because I will have so much more to actually say, and for those who would like to follow me on Youtube for videos of my choreographies, performances and video blogs, the link will be further down. 🙂

Today is more important than many other days for a specific reason, btw.
Today, you see, is BIGBANG’s 7th anniversary. I love them beyond reason and that doens’t bother me even a bit.


From left to right: Seungri( V.i, the youngest), T.O.P(The oldest), Taeyang(solar), G-Dragon(G-D, the leader) and Daesung(D-lite).

Happy 7th anniversary my loved leaders. The kings of my heart.

Tomorrow Im gonna visit my school which I graduated from and later hopefully met up with some friends. I promise to take some pics and post them. Lots Of Love!

The link to my Youtube:

Peace is international ❤
O’s out. 🙂 ❤


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