Shululu, O here

Hello people, O in the building.
Like always, lets start off with the less happy news, I guess, only because I need to get it out someway.
Ehm.. I still can’t seem to move on from that horrible memory. Every time I am watching a movie(no matter what genre) and there’s a kissing scene, I have to look away because I feel sick every time the same picture appears in my mind. Even if I’m just reading a book, watching a stupid commercial or see a couple on the street and they kiss; I feel like curling into a ball,cry and poke my nails into my eyes to stop the same damn Scene from playing in my mind.
The hardest part is acting like nothing is wrong. It kills me.

Moving on the the less painful stuff.
I have applied to YG, JYP,TS and KpopStar3 and am now waiting for my reply.
Honestly, it feels like there is something calling for me in TS,I just feel like I belong there. The building looks like the building I used to live in, in Ankara, and the colors of the logo is the same as my house in High School(Black and green). Apart from that, I just really Wanamaker help them improve their sorry ass poor English. It just rips me from within every time I hear their awful English in theirs songs (Remme, one more say, I’m hurricane, loof, cheezibuga)…

About three days ago, when I was dancing, I slipped and hurt myself…like always -.-
I was practicing my double spin hunch flip but I slipped since I wasn’t wearing shoes and fell. Now I have a big ass bruise and a damaged something under my left rib. Yuupii -.-

I’m gonna list a few things here if you feel like reaching or following me further 🙂
Kakaotalk: tinyminionozzy
Kik: tinyminionozzy
YouTube: TinysSouls
Instagram: Tinyminionozzy

That’s it for now.
Peace is international<3
O is out
C U guys!



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