Shameless E&O&S

Wow, we really sucked on updating shit these last months, didn’t we? If you guys were here I would have let you hit me. For real!

Well to start off, I’m tired of people who treated me like shit like a year ago now sits around telling me how happy they are I made it and this bitch-ass dude even said “wow,I hope you make it”
Excuse you?! Don’t make me get over there and beat the shit out of you with my hopefully-might-succeed-dreams! What did you think? That I was gonna forget all the shit you guys put my through, you thought I was gonna just forget all the words you told me? All the cussing, all the blaming? FUCK-TO-THE-NO!
The day where I forget everything you put me through and treat you like human beings again will not come in at least, AT LEAST, 150 years.
Before moving on to a less unimportant topic, I would like to thank you though. Thank you, you know who you are, for clearing yourselves out of my life because now I have more space for people who actually have hearts. So thanks.
Now moving on from trash…

Today’s my best male friend, D’s mom’s birthday. I would like to officially wish her a happy birthday. Thank you, D’s mom, for being such a wonderful señorita and for giving birth to my homie.
Happy birthday. I hope my happy birthday letter I made your son read from me made you smile. 🙂

I know you’re probably wondering how my dreams are going(I know I know, calm your tits minions)
But I’m gonna have to torture you a bit more with that. I’m not allowed to say shit in public. All I can say is this: don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t make your dream come true. No matter if it’s the most fucked up career known; if it’s within your desire, OWN IT!
Every successful person I know, they weren’t the most talented, they weren’t the most intelligent; they were the most disciplined and worked the hardest.

Right now, I’m in Sweden for a while. See it as a pre given break before the hard core shit starts.
Let me tell you this, I am here for every one of you out there. If you ever need someone to talk to, I am right here.
Kik@ tinyminionozzy
Kakaotalk@ tinyminionozzy

How has my life changed since I left?
First of all, the lack of fast food, the extinction of sweets, bread,potatoes, pasta and rise is something I notice like RIGHT AWAY!
What else? Hm… Running 2 hours around 4 times a week(not now though) and dancing more or less my ass off( though I think it’s too little, I want more dancing)…
Does it pay off? Yes, oh god yes, it does. As if my ass wasn’t big enough, it’s a tad bigger now(firmer yes indeed) and I’m loosing some extra fat on my stomach. Mostly though, I’m simply gaining more firmer muscles. Once I get my arms to the shape I want, I’m satisfied. 😀

Do I miss home? Yes I do and I can’t wait to go back^^ it feels good having three homes^^
three is a magic number, yes it is, it’s a magic number (anyone heard 3’s official hold song?)
Home yes but more so, I miss my soulmate N who seems to not remember the fact that I’m in Sweden right now. I don’t blame her though.. If it makes it easier for her this way, than I won’t object. As long as she’s happy. We talk everyday still but I just wanna see her so badly. I love her so much…

Pssstt..: I just finished writing a new song, I’ll post it as soon as it’s recorded^^

Also I would like to spill my fangirl feelings as every BIGBANG member has released a solo album this year( which doesn’t really matter whether it’s solo or group albums as longs as they stay as BIGBANG). D’scover(Daesung’s album), Lets Talk About Love(Seungri’s album), Coup d’etat(G-Dragon’s album), Ringa Linga(Taeyang’s album) and Doom Dada(T.O.P’s album).
Check them out on YouTube, they are my kings for a reason!!
AAAAAnd, G-Dragon four awards on the MAMA2013 awards. God damn!
Even more super fucking exciting is the fact that they will release a song together soon too!! YEEES FUCKYEAAAH!!


I will post more very soon, he’ll I’ve got A WHOLE BUNCH OF STUFF to tell you guys.
A whoooole bunch.
And I think we can all agree that I’m the best blogger among us three since I took my take to write to you guys. Right? Right?

Remember: peace is international<3


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