A new task.. *cough* bring it on *cough*

Hello there, it’s been like what? Four days, since I wrote to you? It feels like an eternity..
Missed me? I sure missed you. 🙂
Let’s not stay away from each other like that again, I’ll go cray cray then! ❤

So, how have you been? Good? I hope so. I know life may be harsh on you from time to time but please don't cry if I'm not there to wipe away your tears.

So, I bet you're wondering what kind of task I was referring to in the headline? Well, let me tell you aaaaall about it.

So I was talking to my buddy D about my latest post and then he was like "Bitch, you should post everyday" and I was like "aight"!
So that's my task, basically. Not much of a big deal but it will allow you guys to keep a better track of me and learn more about me. I don't know about you guys but I would like to know as much as possible about a person if that person was my role-model.

Hm.. Well something that makes me really glad is the fact that I finally met N again. We spent more or less the entire day together and if felt really good. We ate food and when I kept stealing pieces of her food like I used to, it felt like we were back to being kids again. It made me smile like nothing else.
After that, we did some shopping and just walking around in town together. I kept holding her hand even though I know it makes her uncomfortable. I just needed to feel that she really was there with me. I missed her so much. I love her so much.
While we were chilling at a coffee shop and talking about more serious things I found out that her part of the family(my relatives) apparently are mad at me, disappointed. I'm disappointing people, my family and my name…
I get it but I fail to see how my act of decision is angering people. Why is it juuuust fine for a some other girl to run away, get married and come back with a kid in her arms but when I leave to make my dreams come true, it's all of a sudden bad and disappointing. So, running away because you can't control your hormones is better than running away to making your dreams come true?
Given the fact that my dream is to guide the youngsters for a braver future with my music and dance and not to become an assassin.
Is it just me or is that messed up? Feel free to leave me a comment or send me a text telling me how you feel about that.

One thing did struck me. While we were talking she, N, told me something which I do not know how to feel about.
She said "I notice a difference in you" and before I got into defensive mode and start talking about how I'm the same, she said "you're still the same but you're grown up. You're more mature now"
It that good?

I just pray that she has more time for me now. I can survive with being away from everyone as long as I know they're safe but her. No matter what, I can't stand being away from her..she's my twin, my soulmate. She's my mirror. ❤
Hearing her say I'm her other half is like music to my ears, nutrition for my soul.

No matter what happens, I will always be here to keep her safe, happy and protected. I won't let anything hurt her.
She's sweet, small, tough yet vulnerable and I will forever be her army.
Even though I sometimes get the feeling that she wants me to die. Weird, but it feels like it…

Here's a pic of me and her. It was taken in 2012 but it's one if my favorites.


Well,that’s it for now.
Here are some ways for you guys to reach me if you need someone to talk to, no matter who,where or what you are:
Kakaotalk: tinyminionozzy
Kik: tinyminionozzy
Twitter: tinyminionozzy

Peace is international<3


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