Things are turning.. Which way Idk..

Shingiling~ wazzup? How was your day beautiful? I want every single one of you to tell me how your day was 🙂

Me? I finished work and met up with D. I got my Christmas present from him in advance. And I must say : I FUCKING ADORE IT TIL NO END! It’s beyond what I wished for. You just wait D, until I give you your giftS.^^

The box:


I got a watch, a beautiful, beautiful watch:


It’s classic and beautiful watch which is water resistant and is very fancy and classy. I love it^^

A necklace I’ve been craving for, for aaaaages 😀


Yes Kpoppers, the it is an exact look alike necklace with the one V from BTS is wearing in N.O ^^ omg I’m dying. I can’t even… AAARGH LOVE IT SO MUCH. Xoxo

Aaaaand I got a box full of my second favorite cookie: fortune cookies (I’ve eaten some)


Soooo in love with them aaaall!

Speaking of Christmas gifts, gotta go and buy them asap( probably on Friday^^)(N, wanna go?)

What am I doing right now?
I’m skyping with my cotton candy while I’m eating my huge lollipop (no pond intended xD, D)


I love my cotton candy. I’ve created like a habit which seems to make her and D very happy so I just sticked with it^^
What I do is, every morning I’ll send them a semi-long text message, either coming up with lyrics myself or quoting songs of my choice. It make them really happy so I just continued. I feel like,if they wake up to a lovely love message, having it putting a smile on their lips, the rest of their days will be better too… Hopefully. I love my cotton candy. I might sound cheesy or cliché but I love her beyond time and space. I’ll do anything to keep her smiling. ❤
My beautiful, sweet, lovely Cotton candy.

I freaking love lollipops!!!! I love having like sweet stuff in my mouth…ISH… Damn it that did not come out right!!!!
I know, the lollipop is really big. Hihi, no worries.I got a big mouth. 🙂

Damn it that sounds dirty too.. -.-

Oh well, that's it for today, lovely minions (the name of my fandom).
I'm going cray cray over a really good fan fic btw. AAAARGH. Gotta love it (^.^)

Peace is international<3


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