Well.. That was pointless…

Hi lovely readers! Wazzzuuup? Hehehe, how was your day?

My day started off with going to work. After that, I’ve spent most of my time talking to D. I did stop by at the tattoo shop by my place to check out their portfolio. Im gonna check out three different tattoo studios that I’m somewhat impressed by. I’m gonna stop by House of Pain, Carneval tattoo and Life Style tattoo. After tomorrow, the date and place will be decided and you guys will know about it. I will also tell you guys what I’m tattooing, why and where. 🙂 so stay tuned for that ^^ (ah, ah, see what I did There?)

During my skyping with D, my sister S(older sister who I visited a few days ago and “talked with”). During that 1 hour and 10 minutes long talk, she talked about my values and choices in life and tried so deliberately to convince me to delay my life plans and dreams for about 2 years where I can go to dance school in some other city in Sweden so mother can get used to me being away yet still being reachable. So I’m like “why can’t she just get used to me being away, a liiiittle faster?” Wanna know the reply I got: “no but we can’t ask such her such a harsh and selfish thing. You can’t just drive over her.” WHY THE FUCK CAN EVERYONE, INCLUDING HER, FUCKING RUN OVER ME WITH A MOTHERFUCKING TANK A GAZILLION TIMES BUT IT’S WRONG AND SELFISH WHEN I DO SO??!!

She spent more than an hour in talking me out of my way and what changed? NOTHING!
Everyone needs to understand that when I say I’m the most stubborn person you’ll ever meet, it’s not a challenge. It’s a fact; a warning.
Wake up! I’m not gonna change. 20 years of fighting, arguing and suffering siding change me, do you think anything else will? Don’t waste your precious time, sweet lady.

Aaaaaaaaah I’m being split in two!!! My lovely cotton candy is going on a two weeks vacation to Spain and I’m gonna have to be without her!!! Waaaaeeee!! But I promise you, my cotton candy, this banana smoothie promises to fight to be here when you come back! ❤

Time for some extra dancing now..
I'll talk to you guys tomorrow! BYEEE!


aaaaaah my One Of A Kind SnapBack signed by GD!! Aaaaah^^

Oh well,

Peace is international<3


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