One step closer on the path of finding myself

Hi guys! How was your day? Mine was fabulous! (Sorry, haters 😛 )

Something I haven’t done in ages, is what I did today: I went out shopping with my male buddy. D did me the honor of accompanying me today. We did some shopping for him and me, ate at Burgers & Deli (spelling?) (MAAAAN their burgers are huge!) and finished the day off with some bubble tea 🙂
On my way home, I went to Life Style Tattoo and booked my time. I’m getting my tattoo done at 12.00 on Monday. EXCITED MUCH!!!
As I double checked Carneval Tattoo and found out that they have closed for the year,I made up my mind; Life Style it is.

While I was down there, booking my time, I checked to see how many people one can have as mental support and finding out that only one person is allowed: I obviously asked N to come with me. She’s my other half, my soulmate, my mirror.

I’m making two different yet similar and connected tattoos. One under my left shoulder (on my shoulder blade) in English and one on my right arm/hand in korean. The difference is place and language. The similarity and connection is the fact that they mean the same thing. I
My tattoo(s) will be : miracle is another name for hard work/ 기적은 노력의 또 다른 이름이다.

I now realize that I’ve told you that before, in an earlier post but whatever. 🙂

It’s my motto and it pushes me forward, therefore I want my tattoo to inspire and motivate people to do what they burn for and I want EVERY FUCKING GORGEOUS SOUL OUT THERE TO REALIZE THAT NOT A SINGLE GOD DAMN THING IS IMPOSSIBLE!


If I find a single picture where someone has done a copy if my tattoo on themselves without asking, I’m ripping their throats out. Just a heads up.

Wanna know something? I’m not really ok. I feel dead on the inside. I feel like Kim Tan without Cha Eun Sang (you’ll know if you’ve seen the Korean drama The Heirs). Life has no meaning, there is no purpose. I feel lost, far away from home, and I don’t know which path to take to find it. I feel…empty.being so far away from the one person I love so much, I feel dead. When telling this to S, the reply I got was “oh please, come on”…
Am I exaggerating? Is it supposed to not hurt?
I talk about this to D today, and he said one sentence that make my eyes watery: “I know. I see something in you that society is lacking nowadays: true love.”
I put on a fake smile and laugh at jokes on reflex, but on the inside, there’s nothing. No hurricane, no volcano, no war. Just an abandoned empty city under a dark rainy night… A never-ending rain…

Gotta go and take a shower now, got work tomorrow.

Hahaahahah not even gonna try to take a good looking picture. piñata, I know I’m ugly, why hide it? XD

Peace is international<3


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