Kim Motherf****** Yeoshin

Well hello there.
Yes, my day has been good… ish.

I go the news that Kim Yeoshin was arrested  today but let me tell you something, Yeolittleshit, it doesn’t matter if you’re walking on the street or being kept behind metal bars; you’re gonna end up dead, and so by my hands.

I cannot stand the idea of sharing the same air with you, a person who is able to poison someone else simply to get their attention. NO, I cannot stand the idea of Sehun being afraid and freakeed out just because YOU iz a fucked up bitch. The tiniest thought of Himchan suffering because of you… NO.
No creativity, no thought, no mercy: I will simply kill you,even if it’s the last thing I do.

I can even live with the reality of sitting in jail for the rest of my life, away from my beloved stage, if it means the people being at peace.
So mark my words, Yolittleshit, your death will hopefully be by my hands.

Moving on from trash….

peace is international<3
I fight for you, so you should too~


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