No longer a friend of mine

Well hello there. Yes, today i broke all of my friendship-thiny with D that I ever had.

Finding out that more or less everything I’ve known were lies, and that he even kept information from me which others knew about only made it more obvious:

I dont mean shit and because of that, niether will you.

I’m not even sad, it was weird chapter of my life, and I’ve already moved on. I don’t even feel any pain. Im just so god damn pissed that I spent so much time and effort on him only to find out that it was all for bullshit.



You’re the one who’s gonna suffer now, not me. I have other friends, Im not alone.

Guess what.

look around… Surprise surprise? What did you think was gonna happen? Did you really think I wasn’t gonna find out?

And your explaination behind everything was even so low that I can even bring myself to write it down.

so utterly stupid.

You have no right to walk around glaring and being mad at C for treating me badly when you are waaaay worse than him. Atleast he took it like a man, apologized and moved on.

bitch bye.


K bye, beautiful.

Peace is international<3
I fight for you, so you should too~


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