Music, my air!

Hi guys. How are ya? Good? I hope so. 🙂

I’m thinking about choreographing a piece to Android Porn, hmm… We’ll see^^

Today was spent with my cotton candy after work. It was nice 🙂

I hate not being able to use my hand; it sucks apeshit for sure!

I played with some pitches and octaves, check out my latest post to hear it out if ya feel like 🙂
Instagram @tinyminionozzy

I wanna go home…

Wy do we long for a place we’ve never been on?
I’ve never been on that, THAT debut stage, ever in my life yet I desire it endlessly, I dance and practice until I’m exhausted, trip and hurt myself… I long for a stage I’ve never stood on, I miss the fans I’ve never had yet.
Life is messed up, man.
But I like it.
I’ll make sure to own it.

My hand -.-


Kkekeke I don’t know why but that pic looks weird xD

It looks worse that what it is, don’t worry.

Took off the bandage to give it some air


Tired, only slept about 3 hours on total during the last 4 days.
I don’t like sleeping though.
My family say I’m weird.



I wanna go home.


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