Im crazy for you

Hi guys, sorry for no update yesterday, it’s 00:23 and I’m writing now so calm ya tits!^^

I was out yesterday, with S and E(not E as in the E of this blog but another E)

I’m super tired, I’ve been working 100% for the past 5 days because they needed more hours at work. Fuck you.

Yesterday was valentine’s day, and I couldn’t spend it with my exception and that sucks.
I’m crazy for you, who knows what I’d do, I’d even die for you.

Those who knows me well enough knows that “if I mean something,I’ll say it. If I say something, I mean it”.

My baby is back home:




This is Lakritz, my rabbit son of soon 1 year 🙂

My cotton candy was here today. We watched Frozen, ate noodles, a bunch of junk snacks and had a really good time. I did at least. The instant Ramen tasted even better today, because of the sweet company.





In the end, I know who I can trust.
Love you, Baby girl. My little weirdo. Hehehehehahahahaa




Thank you ,to everyone who still stays my weird ass posts. Im trying to keep them normal but they go overboard and then you end up being stuck with posts like this xD

I’m skyping with my soulamate now, I’ll talk to ya guys tomorrow ❤

peace is international<3
I fight for you, so you should too~


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