They figured it out

Yo yo, they finally figured out what the fuck was wrong with me! I have extreme Gastritis with diffusion. Great -.-
I have to take these nasty ass pills and eat more regularly. Pills, fine, but eating: I don’t like eating food. Ugh.
No resting from agony for me, is there?!

As I spent most of time since I was 18 saying I need a gym card, I need to get my muscles in tact,I’ve taught myself to not wish but TO DO! So I went down the gym, got registered and got my gym card.

I chose Fitness 24/7 because they are open 24 hours of the day, they have an exclusive part inside the gym only for women and it’s cheap. 199/mounts without any fixations. Also, I can access any Fitness 24/7 gym in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Now I’m gonna go to bed in order to rest, I still can barely breathe without feeling like someone is hugging my lungs.
Shit ass poop face. Ugh.



Peace is international<3
I fight for you, so you should too~


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