Confident? Why yes I am!

Yo yo 🙂


I was telling my younger sister about my time at the gym as we were talking about gyms and different tools for muscle training so I told her how that the gym I’m a member at didn’t have that specific tool in the excluded part for girls but that it was available in the main part of the gym. She asked why I didn’t stick to that part then and I told her why: I only use the treadmill in the main area and stick to the girls excluded part for the rest of my exercises only because I get frustrated when men constantly stare at my ass. I use the treadmill there because they are facing the pic windows so I can look out and listen to music while running.

She gave me this weird look and when I asked her about why she gave me that weird ass look, she said : wow such confidence.
Only she said like it was a bad thing, so I explained. “We’ll of corse, why would I deny the fact that I do have a good looking ass. It’s a fact and I choose to embrace it instead of denying it. I worked hard for the body I live in, I have every right to be confident about it”.


“I get it, it just sounded to weird, that you’re confident that every man is looking at you”
“No no, I said men stare, not EVERY MALE HUMAN BEING. There’s a big difference.”

Seem pics from when I was waiting to take an EKG




But in can finally breathe now, thanks to those nasty ass pills.


Kekkekeek I’m reading a really good fanfiction~


Yes, I like my eyes.

Goodnight ❤

I'm gonna go back to writing my new song.



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