Bad girl O

Hi guys. Guess where I am?

hihi Im blogging from work. Im not talking to any costumer right now so I figured I could blog some. ^^


I realised I have been pushing away people without noticing. After a heated argument with my mother and younger sibling about vacation in August, which i didn’t wanna take, The arguing grew louder and my statement was clear: I want to work and save money for my future.

That was only one of the reasons, of corse. I originally didn’t wanna go on a vacation with them. Why? Knowing they don’t accept me the way i am, knowing they aren’t ok with the fact that I wanna and will make my dream come true, I didn’t feel comfortable with that idea. What I am and what I will become.

I was wrong. The idea that they actually were trying to accept me the way I am ,that they actually were ok with me trying to make it happen never hit me. I was so used to the idea of them no accepting it that the idea of that changing didn’t even cross my mind.

I didn’t really SEE them trying to help me, understand me, so I kind of.. you know.

I guess I had to HEAR it to realise it. “Knowing what you’ve been through, we wanna help you. Wanna be by your side”, she said.

i didn’t realise that.

To everyone that says Im stubborn and never apologize, let me prove you wrong. When I know Im wrong, I apologize.

Therefore, Im sorry.

I’m sorry I kept on pushing you guys away, Im sorry. It was my mistake and I get it.

Im sorry.

Not pushing people away; it’s a working progress.

Trusting people is difficult; not your problem, I know, but you get it. I hope.

Sorry, again.



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