love is.. WTF

hello baby. how was your Friday?  time to bring out the b&j and chips and watch some cozy movie, right? How about Frozen? Transformers?  Ninja Assassin? Amusement? Step Up?

me in the elevator heading out to work


what is it with men and staring at my chest and ass while talking to me and thinking Im dumb enough to not notice?  BITCH IM RIGHT HERE!
oh well, i guess it’s difficult not to. . idk.

at work, i ate my lunch too quickly like always and ended up bored ass shit since i had a 20 minutes long break left. i ended up dancing in the office and annoying the colleagues.

my selfie after successfully stealing my colleague’s snapback


no but seriously.
a miss your kisses. #hatedistance.

whatever.  Love is love. wtf.

potato bananas smoothie with onions on a pancake with chicken..

im not making much sense,  i know .

R is asking me to head out and meet him up.  WÄÄÄÄH i want to but i have to be at work tomorrow at 8.45.
well well.. next time.

gonna watch Burlesque now!!


see ya soon ❤


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