What? He what?

Hi baby. I just got home and it’s 01:25 am.

Sorry ❤

I joined some of my friends from work for an A.W(After Work Time). I had a great time and i hope they didn’t dislike me too much.

I have been pretty confused about some stuff lately which I won’t bore you with yet I do somewhat feel the need to rant about how utterly confused I am. One second I thought this dude couldn’t care any less, the second efter that he’s completely different .I don’t know if it’s being “shy” or simply “acting hard to win over” but it’s tiring the fuck out off me and I can’t spend time on fakers. No matter how much I know how extremely sweet and nice this dude is, I can’t take the whole “acting one way at work and another way after work”. FAIL! If you want a part in my life, step it up and be a man. if not, piss the fuck off.

Ive been through enough to today have the power to kick a person out of my life if they no longer make me happy not help me want to become a better person.


I find myself panicing everytime Im hugging someone and they hug me too tightly. I panic and feel like the history is gonna repeat itself.

#fucktraumas #some #uncles #can #go #and #fuck # themselves.

#yes #i #said #it.

#my #own #tried #to #rape #me.

I gotta go to sleep. Im super tired. I think I managed convincing W to watch a Rush Hour Race with R and S. we’ll see! 🙂

G Night baby.



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