there goes the memories. kkaepsong~

Yupp, there goes two years of memories.
Well, I promised I would learn to share, so here I am, mourning my loss.

You see, when I saved my rabbit from his previous family who abused and mistreated him, and took him home, he had this little ball. A tennis ball.
His previous family took him from his mother before he was old enough to survive without his mother’s milk, he was being kept in a cage which was placed inside the bathroom with car wires to “play” with. He was fed with pellets only and was washed twice so “he would stay clean”. As if that wasn’t enough, he was being carried around by being held from his ears. I couldn’t stand it and as they used to be family friends, the moment we went to visit them, I just took him with me and the ball joined as it was his only toy. I took care of my baby, I nurtured him and clothed him with love and security. That ball, is not only his favorite toy, I kind used to carry it with me whenever I was away from Lakritz.

As always I played with it at work as always and wanting to try it out, R oh so gracefully managed to loose it within about 20 minutes and it couldn’t be found. I don’tb think it will,ever.

I don’t blame him, no not at all. He didn’t mean it to happen and it’s my fault for actually letting him have it.

I don’t like you very much right now, R.

Oh well, it’s fine. 🙂


God, Im so tired. I was I had like a pair of freaking arms that could just freaking hold me tight so I can sleep peacefully. #damnit.

Im gonna try to distract myself with a movie or a book,

G Night~



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