earning the kiss

good morning dear, how did you sleep? I hope you ate breakfast~

my niece is over today and i spent about two hours trying to get a kiss!
She gave me a hug and i asked for a kiss but no. it made me frustrated because she always gives me kisses without me having to ask. not today though.  so i thought “i want that kiss!”
i gave her a toy, asked for a kiss= no.
i played pick–a-boo, asked for a kiss=no.
so it thought: “alright i guess I’ve gotta earn that kiss.”
now i know what men go through to kiss their girl -.-
i played with her, tickled her, gave her chocolate and flied her around, made her a sandwich and danced for her. after she seemed pleased and comfy, i took my shot. “kiss? ”
#pleased and #proud
if you want a kiss, guys, you got a earn it.
/O, the fabulous bitch who knows what’s she wants and takes it.

talk to ya later ❤



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