This is for the ladies!

Let me tell you what made me realise how badly us ladies need this rant.

Today, at work, I felt something lightly hit my foot as I was talking to a customer and as I told the gentleman on the other end of the phone to hold for a second,I looked down only to be met with the sight of my ball that R lost a few days ago. Shortly followed, a girl came chasing after it. I politely asked her were she had gotten it and as she told me the support team had been playing with it for a few days now ever since they found it in a corner, I let her know it was mine and how it got lost.
My eyes sparkly and filled with joy, I jumped up from my seat(the costumer still being on hold) to tell R about it so he wouldn’t have to feel guilty anymore, to share my joy but regretted that idea rather quickly. As I jumped up and turned around to face him, looking straight at the mofo, this bitch had the nurves to not notice it. I stared at him for maybe 10 seconds straight but this dick didn’t even turn his gaze, being too caught up in talk to the two girls next to him, talking, giggling, laughing.. So I threw that idea out the window and went back to my costumer, the ball safe in my hands.

And that made me realise how many girls there probably are out there, sitting around waiting to be notices by boys who couldn’t care any less.

Therefore, this goes out to the ladies. It’s not okay to settle down for average, for “good enough”, for Mr. Confused, Mr. Shy or Mr. Uncertain.

Women deserve MEN, men that takes good care of ya, keeps ya safe and showers ya with love and affection.
Ladies, if you’re dating a guy that fits to Detiny’s Child’s song Say My Name where he only shows his love when you guys are alone, if your guy is only holding your hand when no one is around, if he only tells you how much he loves you when you’re 101, LET THAT ASS KNOW WHAT HE’S DOING WRONG OR KICK HIS ASS OUT OF YOUR LIFE.
Very simple 🙂
Ladies, stop waisting your life, because trust me, you’re worth the best of the best.

Gentlemen, If you want a girl, then go ahead; stay immature, shy, confusing, don’t let it be clear to her as to where you’re standing, tire her out until she simply gives up.

Oh, but if you want a WOMAN, you guys need to step up your game. Make her feel safe, take care of her, Let her know how motherfucking lucky you are for having her in your life, make it clear to her so that she knows how much she means to you and proudly show her off to the world. Trust me, if you don’t, there WILL  be someone who will.

And obviously, this goes the other way around. Guys, you are not to waste time on girls who can’t see your heart of gold.

After getting this question asked to me a couple of times, I’m gonna answer it here, now:
A man. A man that is man enough to stand for what he wants and feels, a man that makes me feel safe….



talk to ya soon, baby.

O. ~


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