Hopeless love

Hi, love.

Well, Im not even gonna talk about work because that was just… mayhem…

I was listening to random love songs on my way home so I just had to talk about love.

It’s time to learn to talk about shit I hide: L.O.V.E!

Know what I want, baby? I want a boyfriend who calls me by petnames(baby,honey,shawdy). I want the boyfriend to grab me by my waist, pull me closer and claim my lips, making sure every fucking horny ass dude in the room knows who them lips belong to.

I, I want the hopeless love where I can’t go a day without talking to the one I love; I want that kind of a relationship where we call each other just to say “I love you”. I want us to constantly feel the need to hold each others hands.
I  want to wake up to good morning texts, I want to text you goodnight every night.
I want a relationship where both sides know that they have each other when they need a shoulder to cry on.
I want a relationship where we playfully plant kisses on each other just for the sake of kissing.
I want the hopless love where we feel like we would die without each other!

hahahaah.silly,right?  I like it though^^

Love, sweetheart, love is beautiful. If you manage to find one where you’re not being left behind or treated harshly, treasure it.



Queen O.


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