Good morning


Good morning 🙂

i know you’re reading this, let me clear this confusion out, sweetheart:
I  never needed a pillar! do i look like a little schoolgirl in need of a pillar? fool. my whole life is a goal to be the pillar for everyone else!
FYI,that’s the point of a relationship/friendship: you become the pillar for each other.

I spent 15 years breaking the door of steel that my soulmate protected herself behind in order to break into her circle and become her everything. I made it!
but you know what pisses me off? im throwing fists at your door, im kicking it with everything I have but you’re not even knocking on mine…

I wanna be the shoulder you cry on, I wanna help you become the man you are capable of being!  but you gotta let me in.

I gotta get ready for work, I’ll talk to ya later, my babies ❤



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