Walking away


I didn’t think leaving you would cause me pain nor did I know think it would be this hard to do it.

Im sorry for being late with realizing that you weren’t the person I thought you were. I apologize for seeing the one I miss when looking at you.

It took me some time but now I know; you’re not him.

I was in denial, I went on with refusing to realise that you weren’t gonna fight for me; I didn’t want to accept it. Even when I spent hours talking about you and your annoyingly hurtful and apathetic ways of treating me, with my friends, it never really HIT me; Im not a priority to you.

Maybe because I like you so much or maybe because the things we went through meant so much to me, I don’t know.

Were those small things eveyday life to you? Maybe I was wrong; maybe you weren’t telling the truth.

You might be alike, but still. You’re height, your arms, your legs, your cheek bones, your chin or your smile; Even though those things are all the same as his, you’re not.

I will suffer some more and then be okey, no worries. This is nothing compared to what I’ve been through, nor is it anything compared to what I have left to life.

I don’t think you realized just how much I liked you nor how much I wanted to help you become the man I know you can be.

You’re so much more than what you think you are, but I can’t sit around and wait for you to man up and stand by me; I know I deserve more than that. I deserve you but it only just now hit me that you don’t deserve me.



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