Over knee socks

Hello my dear, How are you? Have you eaten food yet? I hope so! What did you eat, baby?

I didn’t sleep very well but I slept for maybe 3-4 hours or so which is good.

I find it more and more difficult to be so far away from home.

If I don’t get promoted to 2nd Line Support when they need someone new, I will either find another job or leave for home. I like it at my current work place but I can’t stand the constant sitting down and not dancing.

Not being on stage and guiding the youth forward into a future full of inspiration and motivation to become what they dream of makes me very…frustrated.


I met up with my Cotton Candy today and we went to the gym to work out together today. It was awesome! Mid way through my squats, my phone clings off, letting me know I’ve gotten a text.

Dani: “wazzup?”
Me: “Working out. You?”
Dani: “I know.”
Dani: “Checkin’ out.”
Me: “Which Gym.”
Dani: “The same one.”

I look around and the next thing I know I see him waving at me at the gym.

Dani is one of the cute bartenders at Old Beefeater Inn In Södermalm in Stockholm(I think he owns the place but I haven’t asked). (It feels weird to say Dani and not D but I don’t think he minds). Old Beefeater Inn is one of my favorite pubs.

Ladies, Dani is single.^^

487966_10152056341296019_451013216_n 552_10151129186766019_494297187_n


He’s funny, kind, a gentleman, he’s thoughtful and mature. Dani is not only a very sweet man but also someone you can count on.


I love my new Bang Bang shirt, btw.  If it only said Big Bang *sigh*


I found this jacket in River Island and I fell in love. Why does everything I crave for have to be so expensive???


Im so buying that shit, you just wait!


Listening to Do You Remember by Jay Sean while doing my sister’s hair 😀




What are you doing right now? Drinking water?  visiting the bathroom? Laying down in bed with your phone up in the air safe within your fingers?

I’m in love with over knee and thigh high socks. I don’t know why, I just love ’em.!!!!!

20140514_200259 20140514_200726

I love it!!!

My legs shake when I move thanks to the work out, hahahaah !

Now Im gonna skype some with my soulmate.

You should check out her awesome work with perlerbeads,her talent is sick!!!



I’ll talk to ya later, honey boo.

I miss and always think about you all ❤







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