Stay away

I didn’t go to bed at all, please dont be mad, i just couldn’t. I hate waking up in tears, screaming, crying. I sat up the entire night, staring out in to the dark and cried. Trying to calm down, i forced myself to stop the tears.  As they decreased and eventually vanished,  I just sat still, staring at nothing.

I know what you’re gonna ask but no, I haven’t eaten anything. Last time I ate? Yesterday I forced down a cheeseburger around lunchtime.

I feel like im disappearing.
I am to meet my soulmate and cotton candy around 1 pm but I couldn’t stay at home any longer or I would’ve start crying again.


Im really trying to survive this period but fuck, why most everyone make it so much more difficult for me?

Please just stay away, you do more damage than good right now. Im already suffering from the suffocating pain,  please dont make it worse.
I have enough to think about as it is.



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