chewing gum-

Well heeelloo there. How have you been, Sweetie-pie? My weekend has been.. weird. Let me explain it to you, pretty face ❤

My colleague, let’s call her T, invited me to spend the the weekend with her, her boyfriend and some more friends on this island out in the middle of nowhere in Stockholm, so I said yes and we took the boat on thursday.

Hold on,Im gonna go change into some more comfy clothes^^.

Aaaand I’m back.

Now where were we? oh yes, the island. We arrived and everything was calm and nice until I started noticing this one dude staring are my too much, trying to talk to me all the time and trying his best to touch me at every not-so-appropriate possibility. This sleezeball is named Filip and I’m not even gonna code his name because he deserves all the hate he can get. I tried brushing it off even when T noticed it and pointed out her dislike about it. The huge amount of beers the idiot drank didn’t make it much easier for me. God he made me so uncomfortable and disgusted I just wanted to punch the shit out of him but he brought back such horrible memories that I just felt sick. Ugh.
I talked to T that night and told her I wanted to leave in the morning and even though she asked me to stay and to not leave her behind with boredom, I didn’t change my mind.
We went to bed and as I was texting with N, my soulmate, I heard someone knocking on the oh-so-luckily-locked front door.
You see, we lived in two different houses; Me,T and her boyfriend in one house and the rest of the male company in the other one.

I didn’t open the door but as I stood up to shut the lights, guess what I see? That’s right, a drunk Filip looking at me from the window.  I slowly walked up the window, glaring at him and shut the blindfolds in one swift move. I MEAN WTF? What it that door hadn’t been locked?…

The morning arrived, I got dressed, bid T and her boyfriend my goodbyes and got on the first possible boat to safe mainland.

Even though I didn’t like leaving her like that I will not put myself in any situation which I am not comfortable with!

How can I expect other to follow me, trust me and do as I say if I don’t practise what I preach?

I arrived at S’ house and spent the remaining days of my weekend with her, which was much more calming than my emotionally hectic thursday.

I don’t get it, why can’t men such as him leave me alone? I’m not even THAT pretty. ugh.!

Never put yourself through anyhing you aren’t 110% comfortable with. NEVER!

I’m gonna watch episode 5 of the new kdrama I’m following right now: I hear your voice.




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