Create yourself

Hi baby, how have you been? Funny how I haven’t met you yet miss your hugs…

I’m both great and beyond wounded; It’s a weird mix, I know… Bare with me.

Well.. First thing first:


I shaved a sidecut!

any objected to me shaving a sidecut but I wanna create a space for my fans where they can feel free. I wanted a fresh start, so I shaved away my worries. The world we live in is cruel, you’re free in mine. I want every person out there who feels like they don’t belong anywhere that you do: YOU DO! With me you do and I adore you with your beautiful weirdness. I wouldn’t want you any other way. This is a space where you can be you; shave off all your hair, wear all the colours of the rainbow at once, walk around in plastic bags or tattoo your skin from top to toe. In my world you are free.

I adore you just the way you are and don’t let anyone tell you you’re not gorgeous. You rock!

I don’t think people often realise how much pain their words inflict on others, especially parents. They don’t always filter their minds and choose to ignorantly speak their hurtful words and they cut deep. Deeper than any kind thing they’e ever said. Maybe because the venom that they spit sticks or maybe because you know they mean it.

My parent texted me today, out of the blue, telling me what a shameful child I am and how that parent wishes god gives me child just like me so that I can suffer through the same shit that I put that parent through.

I texted back saying “I never hated you, if you had loved your daughter the way she is instead of trying to change her, maybe she wouldn’t have left. Don’t worry, I’m gonna love my child just the way he or she is so that won’t be a problem.”

Either you really hated me and I never realised it or you just don’t realise how fucking deep your words wound.
I know you never loved me… I can tell now. You never did, I was just in denial. I’m weird and I’m different and I don’t fit in your world and I don’t suit your goals for my life but I’m not sorry; I shouldn’t have to be.

I am proud. I am me.

I hope one day I marry the man I love and his parents accepts me…  That’s so fucking sad but I hope they love me like this…

Your words hurt and you don’t deserve making me cry. I am just so goddamn tired of this; so exhausted.

I just wanna be fine and smile.

I’m not changing shit for you, grow up. You can’t expect all your kids to be the same, we’re not clones.




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