Awful pictures

Well hello baby.

Remember my promise to post the picture from when I was in South Korea last year as soon as I found them? I still haven’t. It’s like they’re hiding on purpose. I only have 3-4 pictures on my computer and they barely show anything but I’ll post them now and promise to capture and post picture of Korea as soon as I get there and have internet(shouldn’t be so difficult^^)


My friend (no longer a friend) took me to see the palace in Seoul. I forgot what it was called but if you see pictures of a grand palace with a large Chinese dragon guarding by it’s gate, it’s that one.

1377404354823 1377404358214

AAAAnd this is us celebrating that I past the first stages of my audition to KpopStar 3(which he deliberately bullshitted on and messed up at stage 2)

20130825_023912 20130825_023900

He was a good friend nonetheless and I hope he’s having a good life…

But he’s also a dick.

So I hope this is good enough for now and I am departing  on the 9th of December in the morning and will land at Incheon Int. Airport on the 10th of December around 4 p.m.

For those wondering what kind of a flight route  I’m gonna be taking, here it is:

Stockholm –> London.

London –> Hong Kong.

Hong Kong –> Seoul.

I chose to have as many reasonable stops as possible as sitting still for too long is something i can’t stand without company. I have an extremely high energy level on a daily basis and I need to use it either by studying(which won’t won’t do as I have no work to do), do some physical activity or talk…
Haha lets hope I end up next to my bias on the long fright between London and Hong Kong or maybe Hong Kong and Seoul. ^^:P

Hahahhahah guess what? As I know I’ll be gone for at least a year, I couldn’t stand to be away from my guitar so I bought a seat for it to fly next to me( which means I can lift the armrest and have more space) because I can’t risk it getting damaged. I’m probably gonna strap up my penny board Jelguk to the back of  my guitar Casper since I’m bringing him too^^

I gotta shower now.

G Night ❤




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