A couple of hours left

Hi baby, How’s it going? I’m pretty damn anxious! I don’t know what the fuck to do to calm down or relax and I’m freaking out!

Sometimes we make some really good decisions and people around us gain inspiration and motivation from it and sometimes we fuck shit up really good and I am soooooo gonna fucking shit my pants if this ends up being a crap-move. I have to wake up at 6 a.m in order to catch my express train which leaves T-centralen around 8.50 or something. I am freaky deaky and so fucking ready for this. Sorry not sorry for allt the fuck words,  cussing helps me deliver the emotion better you know^^

My cotton candy is gonna meet me up at the airport and my Mom is gonna follow me all the to my gate.
Let’s remain calm and all, alright! There’s no point in loosing our shits over this, I got this!

hahahah all jokes aside, I have never been this ready for this as I am now and I think it’s time to let the sun shine!

T.M.O, here we go!




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