Hello darling mine. How are you? marvellous I hope as I am tired as fuuuuuck. hahahah you really thought I was gonna keep the old english thing all the way didn’t you? hahahahh naa boo xD

How was your day though? Good? I got home a dash too late yesterday so I couldn’t post anything.

I got home at *cough cough* 5 * cough cough*. ^^I had a lot of fun though!!

Me and my ladies went to an awesome club named NB2 which is a really popular hiphop club with awesome music in Hongdae! It was so damn good and fun and ooooh there was some fiine men there !!

well… I don’t think men realises just how sexy it ISN’T when they grind up against you WHEN THEY’RE GET HARD FROM DANCING WITH YOU.  Luckily he walked away as the song came to an end but still! I know I’m good at dancing but come on dude!!
Let me break this down for you dumbies: If you’re home having some sexy time with your partner, go ahead boo. Give it all you got. But if you’re in a club and you’re dancing with a person whom you JUST MET SECONDS AGO, you don’t grind your hard dick against their ass. IT’S. NOT. ATTRACTIVE.

You know what message that gives out: Hi I’m a grown man but dancing with someone attractive for about 2 minutes makes me hard and I can’t even be mature enough to make up an excuse and go so I just grind my shame against you even more.


I mean come on!



Don’t worry. This heart is taken by someone waay better so no worries.




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