Friday night

Hi baby^^

How are you? How have you been these past few days? I hope you’ve had fun. God knows how much I think about you, my darling.

This friday, Me and the ladies when Gangnam style and boooy did we have fun xD

We went to NB in Gangnam as we like hiphop music and fortunately for us, it was DJ 1-Joon in the house and lord knows that man knows how to spin those tracks xD

wpid-1419089909472.jpg wpid-20141221_014354.jpg wpid-20141221_000036.jpg


It was fun and all BUT I HAVE YET TO FIND A DESENT LOOKING MAN WHO CAN DANCE! Stop wiggling against my ass. if you can’t dance, stop. fucking. dancing. with. me.


Fuck you don’t even have to look good, please just have cute personality or a kind heart JUST PLEASE; I HAVE YET TO FIND A MAN THAT CAN DANCE ME TO CLOUD 9!


I guess my boo is the only one good enough. Just wait ’til we’re official.





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