Christmas Eve at night time in Seoul!

Hi baby.

Now I’m taking my time to sit my ass down and write to you about how my night was during this lonely year of living in this wonderful city called Seoul. I said lonely living because this is my very first year to be away from my family during christmas, let alone my first time not being in Sweden during winter. So having that said, it’s a pretty big yet lonely deal for me. Thankfully I had my Cotton-candy and Soulmate keeping my company through snapchat and kik along side with my buddies Selma and Sandra here in Seoul.

As mentioned before, we started off our christmas Eve by exchanging xmas gifts efter school.


After the ladies took a nap and I did my homework during that time, we got out sass on and hit the club Β for some good old ladies night out πŸ™‚

it was fun, we danced until we couldn’t feel our feet no more and got home around 5 a.m.

After not being able to sleep much due to the annoying ass nightmares, I woke up around 1 p.m and just stayed in bed, reading and watching TV.

After dinner/Lunch that day ( we stayed in bed until then, not giving a fuuuuuuu-) me and Selma went for some Dunkin’ Donuts πŸ™‚


That was it of that day πŸ™‚




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