Saturday in myeong dong

Hi darling. How was your day?
I’m gonna talk a little about what I did on saturday with Selma and Sandra. 🙂

The plan was to visit a Dog café and cuddle with some sweet doggies but seeing as that café was freaking packed up with folks, we decided to just walk around 🙂


Freshly pressed pomegranate juice. Like LITERALLY! the dude was making them right infront of us. yumm yumm ^^


I bought some of these. I have no idea what the hell they are called but they are a freaking piece of heaven! I saw some EXO members eat it during a sightseeing in EXO Showtime and I when I saw the old lady making them I went: Yehet!!

Sweet sweet Tao^^

After that, we went to see the Hobbit.!

But… before the movie, we made sure to enjoy some delicious 딸기빙수 (Strawberry Bingsu).


This is basically ice, ice-cream and strawberries 😀

Let me just note how fucking awesome Lotte Cinema is for having TV’s in the ladies room 😀


They send commercials and the toilet seats were warm. WARM!! 😀

The movie was awesome and I’m not gonna spoil it’s awesomeness. If you want some spoilers, Email me and I’ll give ’em aaaaaall!

Goodnight for now 🙂 ❤




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