A day at the Namsan Tower – cold yet oh so beautiful

Hi baby. How have you been? Me, I’m less freaky deaky now and have a set plan, I just need to find a smooth and sexy hiphop song to choreograph and dance to and I’ll be ready. I still have to print out the application form and fill it in but I will do that at the Uni and then fill it out at home. 🙂

I feel much calmer and I’m super grateful for my friends, my soulmate and my baby sister helping me out. I’m ish on track.

Now let me tell you about my day at the Namsan Tower from a few weeks ago. 🙂

I promised myself waaay back to only go to Namsan Tower with someone special/meaningful and even though I didn’t go with a boyfriend, I went with Sandra and Selma and that was definitely okay 🙂

I’m glad I found them.

to get to the Cable cars that would eventually take us up to the mountain tower we had to take the train to myeongdong and from there walk about 10 minutes.

wpid-20141226_160321.jpg wpid-20141226_160315.jpg

Here we are in the cable car, on our way up 🙂


And some more pictures 🙂

wpid-20141226_162219.jpg wpid-20141226_170303.jpg

wpid-wp-1419646867497.jpg wpid-20141226_161915.jpg

And as we walked around we decided to hang some locks and here you go :

wpid-20141226_165915.jpg wpid-20141226_170131.jpg wpid-20141226_170135.jpg

I’m glad we did this. It’s gonna be a good memory when we’re old and wrinkly^^

wpid-20141226_170549.jpg wpid-20141226_171433.jpg wpid-20141226_171426.jpg

It was cold but oh so worth it. I hope I can find an opportunity to get back up there and add a lock with my significant other.

Now I need to study some before practising for my audition.

Goodnight, my dearest baby love. ❤

Let’s meet in our dreams,




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