Insomnia – A large lady with uncomfortable pumps and commitment issues

Yes well the headline pretty much says my issues. I CAN’T SEEM TO FALL ASLEEP.
For a person who does’t like to sleep and only sleeps about 3 hours per night, THOSE 3 HOURS ARE IMPORTANT.

How do you relieve stress and anxiety?
I have never self harmed in the sense of hurting my body, sometimes the urges gets the best of me though and this is how I avoid that. I barely ever feel anxious but this is how I relief it


I write on my body. It’s calming, fun and I can let out any thought that bothers me.

I do have one thing I often to when I’m stressed, deep in thoughts or focused which is chewing on the insides of my cheeks and my tongue.

Today after school I met up My friend Maja and we got lunch together. After that we saw a sweet old lady doing those sweet stuff I saw on EXO Showtime that I showed before so we got one of those fro 500 won each ( 500 won is about 3 swedish SEK).


I suggest you eat it quickly because it freezes into rock hard preeetty quickly, baby 🙂

After that I think I got home and tries sleeping, which granted me one hour of successful sleeping. After waking, feeling even worse, I washed my face, got some make up one to at least look alive and met Maja around 8 p.m to go to the store.Guess what I found ,baby? No, no, you got a guess?!?!?!

Nope, wrong answer! It’s okay, you’re still adorable 😀

I found lactose free milk!!!!


The amount of backflips the joy fibers( it that even a thing? haha now it is)!!

Now I’m enjoying a good lactose free sandwish with peanut butter and jelly^^


Now I need to do those awful burpiees (HOW THE HELL IS THIS GODDAMN THIS EVEN SPELLED)
(burpees? Burppees? Burpies? ) (Goddamnit) before taking a shower.

I’ll talk to you tomorrow, darling





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