Hi baby πŸ™‚
How are u ? I always  ask you are,right? Why does  only a few of you  texting  me back? I’m  asking  because  I actually  am worried and want  to know ❀
Please make sure to let me know, either  text me or send a loooong email about  your day? Alright?  Pinky promise?
Alright  πŸ™‚

Next  week is the last week before my end of term tests  which  is definitely  not well planned if you ask me.  -.-

Btw, I'm  by the subway  waiting  for the damn train and there's  two dudes LITERALLY staring  at me right  now.
The mentality to live by when that happens: bitch keep staring; I'm a super star and I know it *mental hairflip*

My train is here,  gotta  go.
Miss  you guys ❀

Take care  now!



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