Goodbye to our classmate, Pablo

Hello baby. How are you? Good?
I missed talking to you! I’m sorry, I’m gonna explain it aaall!

Today though we had a small little goodbye ceremony for a classmate who is flying back home to Argentina on Monday. We studied together for about 5 weeks and he’s a really cool and funny kiddo!



My class, btw!

It was fun and all^^

I think a girl in my class has a crush on Pablo, the kid leaving, and I’m a little mad at my class for kind of making fun on her for it and pushing her to stand next to him and stuff. That’s such a childish and unfriendly thing to do to a young girl with a heart filled with butterflies. Luckily I noticed it and pulled her to stand with me instead. I hate it when friends and peeps bully others for their feelings even if it’s for fun and mutual. it’s not ok.

I need to hunt down some dinner now, I gotta go!

Be good!




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