Ignorance is not bliss, bitch

Well, let me tell you something honey! Ignorance not always bliss and if there is something I cannot stand it’s when boys and men feel uncomfortable or disgusted when a girl tells them they have menstruation cramps and/or she’s on her period.

Let me tell you something, Mr.-I-got-a-dick-and-no-fucks-to-give: EVEN YOUR MOTHER HAS OR DID HAVE PERIODS EVERY FUCKING MONTH!

I will deliberately let every close friend I have know that I’m on my period because it hurts like shit and if a tear is running down my cheek because I can’t stand the pain, they have to know why.


Wanna impress a girl; discuss it with me and try to make me feel better instead of acting like a piece of shit!

“Awww that must suck! God I wish I knew how to make it stop hurt so much!”
Is that really so hard to say?!


I had a buddy say “EEEw What the hell? I don’t wanna know that!”
Wanna know how that conversation ended? With a fat slap and a simple explanation. “No wonder you’re single, dude”.

You don’t get it, do you? We don’t choose to suffer, yet we have to, EVERY GOD DAMN MONTH, for like 20 years and it’s a pain that can barely be described by words. It just hurts and it makes me wanna give up on like and commit suicide. I am not kidding. It hurts to the point where I sometimes cry, and I barely every cry over physical pain, ever!

So before you act like a piece of shit, try to think about the fact that we actually are in a great deal of pain. And no, not all girls are PMSy but if you’re a piece of shit and act like dick, Yes I will be mad and I will crush your nuts.

And girls, you need to realise that boys go through a lot of uncomfortable time while growing up with their hormones as well, so don’t walk around saying boys don’t suffer. I definitely don’t think a random boner is as worse as a week of continuously leaking blood and suffering to the point of hating your own body is as worse but I’m not light talking it either. I mean for a teenage kid who barely knows what it is,it might be frightening and horrible as hell.


I am nonetheless still waiting for the technology to catch up with my ideas to the point where we can send our menstruation pain to someone else through bluetooth because boy that would be dope!

I have homework to do and I don’t know what to do with myself because I can barely crawl to the bathroom when nature is calling me! I need to buy some Nutella, I’m out of chocolate.


I gotta try at least.

Be good, I miss you ❤




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