Talk dirty to me in korean


Hi baby, hoooow was your day? It better been good or I’m gonna kick whoever is responsible in the butt!
I’m on my way home and look at the awesomeness I saw at the bus stop ^^


I cannot waaait!! I pretty much know all the words in the three books by now ^^ looove iiit!!!

This is the view while I’m waiting  🙂


I’m not the only one going home I guess^^


Uugh 7 minutes left and it’s  cooold!

I learned how to talk dirty in korean today from a friend. Haha might come handy, who knows. XD
Naaah I was really just curious. Haha you know me^^

I learned everything from “Let me do you right” to “I wanna tap that” to “ride me” and muuuch more. hahahahahahaah.
I even learned how to say “turn around and bend over” hahahahaha.
Whaaaaat!!! Don’t give me that look. You know how curious I am! Plus I don’t wanna end up in a situation where a dude says ‘let me tap that” and I’m just nodding, not knowing what the hell he’s saying!!

My buss is here!

I’ll talk to you later~
Be good, my darling!



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