Sunday sunday school tomorrow honey

Hellow baby, Hoooow was your sunday? Good? Boring? Tiring?

If you’re wondering how mine was, it was a little boring but all in all okay.

I’m listening to this now. It’s an old song from early 2011 but I like it^^

Sistar is one of the few girl groups that I can stand. they’re most mature when it comes to type of music, you know πŸ˜€

I mostly just worked out today and then worked on the song Im gonna perform later.

Remember I told you about the group I joined as a vocal? Well my first concert is on the 7th of March and I need to work hard if I wanna remain on stage so Im practising my song everyday with my gym water bottle as a mic xD

I woke up and feel awfully patient to do this on a random box^^


I tried to remain in the dark as much as possible today as I’m more creative when I can light up the space around me in my mind instead.


I like it in the dark πŸ™‚

Don’t mind my makeupless face, who wears make home, I mean come on?! Let me enjoy my ugliness ^^

I usually take photos of myself to compare with earlier pics to be able to see my progress since it’s very difficult to see your own body’s change unless your really look for it, you know πŸ™‚

I’m happy to let you know that my hard work is paying off.


Ps. don’t judge; that’s the only mirror I have.

I’m also posting this picture because I want every person(male,female,any other gender) reading this to be perfectly comfortable with posting whatever the hell they wanna post on the social media. As a person who used to hate myself and my own body 6 years ago, I want everyone to remember this: Miracle is another word for hard work.
I was a kid that used to wear size L clothes and that’s fine except that I was unhappy about it. I worked hard now I know I’m a freaking queen, just like every single one of you. Love yourself, darling. Adore yourself, walk in to a room with your head held high and pride flashing of your eyes because you are fucking sexy. And if you down find yourself sexy, you need finish reading this post, shut your computer, get off your ass and start moving. Good things come to those who wait, true, but I don’t know about you but I was never content with “Good”. And let me tell you something, great things don’t come to those who wait; Great things come to those who work their asses off and never give up.
Remember: Tough times don’t last. Tough people do.

I adore my fat ass thighs and my huge motherfucking booty; I’ve worked my ass to have the muscles,curves and body I have today. So love yourself and if you don’t; deal with it. Address whatever it is that stands in the way and take care of it. Trust me, I’m faaaaar from perfect but I like that. I’m don’t wanna be, I’m me and that all I wanna be.

Just me.

Now it’s time for Queen Ozzy to watch a movie or something and then go to sleep.


Love thy body, Love thyself.

I love me.

I love you too. I’m right here for you.

Goodnight, baby.

Sleep tight ❀




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