Sunday boredom

Hi darling. How are you? I have been absent quite some days, haven’t I?

Bad,  bad Ozzy. I’m sorry. ❤

How has your days been? Good? Bad? Boring?

It’s sunday and I am utterly bored. It’s kind of cool, it’s just a chill sunday and I’m chilling at a café near my new place.


If you’re one of the few people who started reading my blog from the very begging, all the way back when we were three and the other two actually posted stuff, I sat in this very café, talking about how I fell the day before and got an  awfully huge yet pretty cool bruise on my arm. I don’t know about you but bruises gained from hard work.. I like those 😀

I’m enjoying Beyoncé’s lovely voice. I adore this woman. She’s talented, amazing, kind, beautiful and so much more than I could even dream of becoming. A queen 🙂

I come to this café every once in a while whenever I have some me time and I’m not feeling like going to my favourite “peace” space. I don’t know why; maybe because it’s one of the few café around my place that’s open 24 hours a day or maybe it’s the fact that this was the first coffee shop me and my friend Konho Oppa went to together. He’s a dick but I miss his company.  He used to be one of my closest friends in Seoul. It takes a lot to gain my trust but when you break it afterwards, I feel like the wall G-Dragon smashes to pieces in his MV Coup D’etat.

You know that line you sometimes feel that you get closer to when someone pokes on your nerves a little too much, a little too often and you feel that you’re very, very close to snapping at someone and it’s only a matter of time before you explode… you get the picture, I’m sure. That’s where I’m closing in on.
You’re gonna loose a lot of you friends on your road through life and it doesn’t get better, bet you grow stronger. Value yourself, and know that you are worth golds and diamonds. You deserve the love you give to the ones you do and if they don’t reciprocate, value yourself enough to walk away. Just walk away, darling. Trust me, you won’t be the one loosing in the end.
It might hurt, it’d be odd if it didn’t and you might shed a tear or two but after that, you’ll pick yourself up and grow from your choices. Dropping dead weight off of your shoulders is nothing but refreshing.

Seoul is sunny and lovely but rather cold today…

But always remain motivated and positive 🙂

Now I’m smiling because I’m thinking about my one and only^^


I need to drag my ass home to eat something, The nasty Soy Latte I finished an hour ago it the only thing I’ve eaten today. I asked for a Soy based mocha latte but apparently the lady by the counter didn’t hear the MOCCA part of my order. Ugh. -.-

I’m not a coffee person.The only times when I actually enjoy the taste of coffee is when it’s a MOCCA LATTE.

I’m a tea and hot choco person.

The Wifi is so awesome here, though ^^

Nope, It’s getting cold. Time to pick up our asses and move on to the next spot.

I’ll see you soon baby 🙂

Be good!




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