Im in love with this song

Hi darling. How is it going?

I’m in love with Xia’s new song called Flower which is featuring Tablo. I look up to Tablo on so many aspects and Xia is just.. Gold.

I dare you to give it a chance. You don’t have to understand the words, it’s still such a powerful and magnificent song and MV.

It makes me cry, it makes me smile, it makes me puff out my chest with pride. I feel every single word he sings deep, deep down within me and I’m in love with this song.


I finished reading this book yesterday and the last sentence made me tear up. It is a book beyond power and words. I love it. Give it a shot. !

You know me, I don’t cry easily. I need to be moved from within to tear up. I this book and this song succeeded in that.




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