For the hope a little stronger Wifi connection

Hi baby. How are you? Awww I missed you too. Soo, so badly. I’m home today, trying to get some rest which sucks but I know I’m being to harsh on my body for my own good. My spirit might need rest but as my body is tied to be boundaries of humanity, rest is essential every now and then even if it’s only for a couple of hours.

How  has your day been so far? Good? Cold? Maybe your days has been sunny and cozy, far from the wrath of mother nature here in Seoul. yesterday was awfully cold and windy. Not fun at all. But mother nature has her ups and downs just like a rose has her thorns we should aim to love beauty within it’s uncertain, momental malaise.

I feel kind of down.. my fingers are still achy from yesterday which means I can’t play my guitar until they heal.


It. Sucks.


I guess I just gotta suck it up; it was my own carelessness. -.-

I’m staying home today and I’m making a list of what to shop and what books to buy because I’ve read all my books and I really need to update my closet. Being deeply in love with a 26 years old does that to you; Your own age’s clothes start looking like kids’ clothes. Not that he minds. I do.


I gotta go and eat dinner.

I’ll talk to you later, baby.


Be good!




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