Sunny greetings

Hi baby. How are you? How has my darling been? Good? I missed you~

Im down the subway, heading to gangnam . what’s your plans today?

I’ve sort of started a pack with myself, making sure to spend a little extra time on my appearance  everyday.


Today Im wearing a tight high waist black pencil skirt with a almost baby pink colored sleeveless croptop ( are those short belly shirts called that? I have no idea O.o).
I like this outfit. It’s comfy and very, very pretty.

It’s time for rant time, though, so sit back and pull out your bucket of popcorn.

Let me tell you why it isn’t a compliment to tell a grown woman that she’s cute; Because a 22 years old woman isn’t supposed to be cute. A 10 years old little girl with a lollipop in her mouth and pompoms in her hair is cute; agreed.
If you’re a 60 + granny/granpa and you call me cute; agreed. In your eyes, im still a Fucking toddler so I will smile and say thank you.

But if the two factors above does not apply, then it is no where near a compliment to call a grown ass woman cute. I would never call a grown ass man cute unless he’s going out of his way to be so.
The next Fucking person who calls me cute will have their faces bashed open like a fucking football field. I’ll take a picture after my rage and post it here  -.-

And let me tell you why it’s a dick move and repelling to tell a good looking and intelligent person that they are good looking  too many times;  that only tells me one thing; YOURE THINKING WITH YOUR LIBIDO!!
Trust me when I say we have a lot more interesting things between our ears than between our legs. -.-
Pussy ass bitches.

So baby, if a person is only seeing a pretty face in you, show that potato head a pretty finger and walk away.

Im off. I’ll talk to you more later!

Be good!



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