Cold and all -.-

Hi baby~~
How are you? Me? Horrible  :/

I fainted yesterday morning and it sucked. I fell on a sharp edge in the process and hurt my left ribcage. It hurts when I bend against it -.-

I was out yesterday night with Maja (we had a date^^). It was nice and calm. I even solved a fight I had with a friend.  I think he’s a friend; he’s a friend for now.  He wants to be… more, but there’s something fishy about him and I need to figure out what it is. So for now, i said I’m gonna think (and during that process, he will remain a friend).

I saw the hottest dude ever at the club btw!! We didn’t talk but lord was he handsome. He was like a mixture of Zelo from B.A.P and Kim Woo Bin and god when he looked at me I felt like the whole world stopped spinning. Ugh~
Whatever 🙂

Tomorrow school starts and I hope I get a good teacher because Im excited and if she/he kills my vibe Im gonna snap.
Aaaaand tomorrow is also poledancing sooooo, I cannot wait!! 😀


I’ll talk to you later.
Be good!



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