Ozzy the school skipper

Hi darling~
How are you?
I skipped school today 😦
My fever ( which was 39, not 49. Sorry about the typo) is a little more stable but my head still spins when I move around too much and my hallucinations are still very much present. By nose is not stuffed which I thank heavens for but the cough fits are the worst. I’ve had 5 asthma attacks in the past 48 hours and I have lactose pain..

All in all; life sucks at the moment.

What’s up, though? I feel like we barley have one of our cozy-cuddle-tell moments like we used to. We should. ❤

Im gonna get some cranberry juice because lord knows my throat is dry from coughing. I didn't even sleep last night from all the god damn cough mothafucking fits.



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