Good enough to sit up

Yuppyupp, Im good enough to sit up without my head spinning. How are you?
How was your day? Is it night over there? What silliness did you come up with today?^^
Oh maybe your day just began? What are your plans for today? Is it sunny? It’s pretty okay over here 🙂

Im undecided between which tattoo to do first  🙂 I have at least 8 in mind, I just don’t know which one to do first -.- hahahaha Im too excited ^^
Maybe I should do the smiley? Or the wings? Maybe the five names of my kings should get tattooed first? Hm…
I dont know… what should I do?

So many possibilities ^^

Did I tell you about my new friend? I call him Pabo, he’s here in korea with the US Army, he’s some sort of captain /leader/Trainer something, something, I dont know the exact term but he’s one of the goofiest nicest dudes ever! He’s only gonna be here for a few more weeks, though,  before heading back home to his Wife 🙂

He bugs me and annoys me but he makes me laugh and he’s been around when I needed someone to make me smile and he’s even made sure to check up on me every now and then because I’ve been sick~

Hopefully I make him smile too~
im definitely gonna try to be his bestest buddy for life, hahahah^^

Oh and remember that “friend” I was talking about who wanted to be.. more? Yeah well guess how not-a-friend that jackass is now xD
He did some dick move, I got fucking pissed, he begged me so I came down to talk to him and I shit you not I see that Pussy Kimchi’s tongue down some random bitch’s throat.
It took me about 0.2 milli seconds to stop giving a fuck about his sorry ass. I hope he gets his head chopped off; doesn’t matter which one.
Haha the amount of fucks I don’t give would surprise ya. I’m telling you this because my darling love; when the only words behind a person’s back are “shallow”,”player” and “waste of time” ,99% of the time; it’s true. ^^
So in the future,  if they tell you a person is bad news and waste of time, show him or her the middle finger and walk away. Baby you don’t need that bullshit 🙂
And if you see them with somebody else; smile. Remember what my mother taught me; always give your used toys to the less fortunate. Hahaha who knew that some people were ok with “average”. Oh but I know you baby,  I know you want the best because you deserve nothing but gold and diamonds <3~

I'll talk to you later ❤

Be good!




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