Catching up on my studies


Hi baby. How are you?is it night there? Maybe it’s day?
Im home studying what I missed last week and booy do I have a lot to do. I’m feeling a little down and I’m missing someone I shouldn’t.
I need it pick myself up.

Someone I meet on a daily basis (a stranger really ) told me I have gained weight, that I have gotten fatter and that I should stop eating bread all together. Here I am, perfectly okay with my size to begin with, and also working out to get more toned, and this bitch had the nerve to call me fat. Have you looked in the fucking mirror?

It hurt and now my biggest battle is to not let it get to my. But it does, and all I see when I look in the mirror is fat, fat and more fat. I have to stop that.

Im gonna go back to studying.



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